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Stay well Served!

Important for every Restaurant
The restaurant business might be one of the hardest at all. Like for many businesses it is hard to find well teached and experienced employees. Unfortunately for restaurant owners not only the quality of their food is deciding about their success. Also the quality of the service of their stuff members decides about their success. Guests who are waiting too long or are not served well can spread the info about a bad visit like a wildfire.

The famous psychologist Stanley Milgram has said already some decades ago, that everybody knows everybody from only 6 contacts in average. Can you imagine what this might mean for a restaurant if it has unhappy guests? It can be the end for each restaurant business.

With our software solution the service team can see instantly if somebody wishes to be served. So guests do not have to wait a long time anymore and they will not be disturbed if they do not wish to be served. Additonally we track the reaction time of the service team on requests and the guests opinion about their visit in the restaurant, to make it possible for restaurant owners to set improvments. Everything you need to do is to register on our website and download the app on a mobile device (best would be a tablet). Then your service team can receive requests from guests.

If you want to know how exactly the app works you can read here more about it.

Do not wait longer, because each unhappy guest is one too much!
  • Convenient Method for guests to call the waitress/waiter
  • No hardware required except a mobile device
  • Monitoring the activity of your service team
  • Monitoring the guests oppinion
  • Statistical analyse of the performance of your restaurant
  • And more
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